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RankTank offers “old school” Google keyword rank checking in Google sheets for searching hundreds or even thousands of keywords in real-time.

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RankTank Add-On, keyword rank checking automated for your domain using Google Sheets!

Google Sheet Add-On Keyword Rank Checker

RankTank Google Sheet Add-On (New)

Google Keyword Rank Checker

Google Keyword rank checking made amazingly accurate & beautifully simple.

RankTank has been the leader in Google keyword rank checking since 2008. Get real-time (avg. 900ms), non-personlised, accurate results based on your selected Google locale and Google language.

Try RankTank’s Rank Sheet for free.

Google Proxy SERP API

Elite Google SERP proxies crawl instantly & on demand always returning live SERPs.

Our API crawlers guarantee successful responses from Google and return the results the way you want them JSON, HTML or RAW. No more Google CAPTCHAs.

Find out more about the Rank API.

Google Sheets Keyword Rank Checker Add-on

“Old school” keyword rank checker in Google sheets = no limits.

RankTank removes limits found in other keyword position tools by allowing you to scan millions of keywords in easy to manage and maintain Google sheets add-on or Google SERP API.

Try RankTank’s Rank Sheet for free.

Google Local Keyword Rank Checker

Granular location based searches gives you & your clients a new way to monitor SEO ranking.

Our tools allow you to find out where you website ranks on Google in many common public and private locations. E.g. Canada, Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Get started from only $19/month.

RankTank SERP Rank Volatility Index, keyword rank metrics shared with all SEOs!

RankTank SERP Rank Volatility Index

RankTank SERP Rank Volatility Index (New)

Enterprise grade Google keyword rank monitoring which scales without limits, perfect for business and agencies.

RankTank Private Plan



  • ∞ Domains
  • ∞ Keywords
  • 10,000 Queries
  • $0.0019 / Query
  • Rank Sheet
  • Rank App Access
  • No API Access
RankTank Major Plan



  • ∞ Domains
  • ∞ Keywords
  • 50,000 Queries
  • $0.00158 / Query
  • Rank Sheet
  • Rank App Access
  • No API Access
RankTank General Plan



  • ∞ Domains
  • ∞ Keywords
  • 100,000 Queries
  • $0.00149 / Query
  • Rank Sheet
  • Rank App Access
  • API Access

Frequently asked questions, everything you’ve wanted to know before you get started!

Why are you the best rank scanning application on the market?

What makes RankTank unique is that, unlike other Google keyword rank checking tools, RankTank returns live Google SERPs. These live results allow you to see where your domain ranks for each keyword based on the Google locations, Google languages and the Google locales chosen.

What does it cost?

RankTank has fixed fee monthly packages each with its own amount of SERP query credits. Should you ever hit your query limit your may choose to upgrade or purchase a credit booster.

How many queries does it take to scan?

Every SERP of 100 results returned count as a single query. You can therefore query Google 10,000 times for any domain or keyword on our Private package.

Where is my data stored and how is it protected?

Your data is stored in the cloud, we do not store any sensitive or identifiable data other than that required for our subscription billing and management of your account.

Anything not answered above?

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