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RankTank's keyword position tool will let you check keyword rankings within SERPs relative to your domain, in real-time all within any Google Spreadsheet.

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RT Original Sheet

RT Original Google Sheet Tool

RT Sheet Extension New

RT Google Sheet Extension Tool

RT Sheet Extension
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Alternatively choose to use both tools in harmony.

Separate subscription

You will need a package subscription for the RT Original Sheet and the RT Sheet Extension as these are two completely separate tools.

Trial both tools free of charge

The RT Original Sheet and RT Sheet Extension includes 1000 keyword scans per domain. The RT Sheet Extension also includes 100 free scan credits per month.

Data sharing & scan automation

Setup your own data pipelines and sharing between tools using Google's built in functionality. Automate scans with macros or Google Sheet updates.

Enterprise SEO customisation

Ask the RankTank team to customise our keyword position and rank checker tool to meet your exact SEO need. Send us a message if you have $1000+ budget.

Affordable pricing plans.

We work with some of the world's most innovative SEO's. Select the right plan for you below, or contact us and let's help you decide.

RT Original Basic

$ 15
  • Single domain
  • 10,000 scans per month
  • Desktop + mobile user agents
  • Intelligent retries of requests
  • + $10/mo for each additional domain
  • Key issued within 24 hours
  • Email support
  • Best-effort response times

RT Original Pro

$ 185
  • Unlimited domains
  • 100,000+ scans per month
  • Desktop + mobile user agents
  • Intelligent retries of requests
  • Rank API access
  • Key issued within 1 hour
  • Email support
  • 24 Hour response times

RT Sheet Extension

$ 9->149
  • Unlimited domains
  • 10,000 -> 100,000 scans per month
  • Desktop + mobile user agents
  • Intelligent retries of requests
  • Ad and 3-Pack rankings
  • Upgrade instantly to any package
  • Email support
  • Best-effort response times

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RankTank has been creating free SEO tools since 2008. Recently the business switch focus to provide the best real-time keyword position tool ever created. With RankTank you can track where you domain ranks within Google SERPs for any device, language and location.

We have decided to focus on what really make a difference at RankTank and that is our Google Sheet based keyword position tool and extension. We are committed to making this the best keyword rank tracker in the world and have therefore decided to no longer maintain our other free SEO tools.

The RT Original Sheet is a standalone Google Sheet with our own magical GoogleTricks App Script, this tool uses the FetchURL function and your own Google account limits to find rankings in real-time and return them to the sheet. The tool is great for scanning from 1000 to 10,000 keywords at a time.

The RT Sheet Extension is a Google Sheet tool available from the Google Workspace Marketplace and allows you to turn any existing Google Sheet into a keyword position scanning tool. This is a great tool for scanning 200-400 keywords per tab.

RankTank may return keyword rankings which differ or fluctuate more than other tools. This is because RankTank returns live rankings as they appear on Google. These may change between each SERP result, time of day or frequency of request. RankTank is the only SEO tool providing this level of accuracy.

We do occasionally provide special annual or discounted packages to RankTank users who make extensive use of our SEO tools. You can send us a message to let us know how you plan to use the keyword position tool and find out if you qualify.

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RankTank has been building the best keyword position tool since 2008. Find out where your domain ranks within SERPs for any keyword, device, locale or language and get your rankings in real-time.

Note: RankTank has decided to stop maintaining all other free RankTank SEO tools in order to focus on the keyword position tool.